✨ Animals Are Gridworkers & Healers ✨

✨ Animals Are Gridworkers & Healers ✨

Gridworkers are souls that create the energetic grid that connects the hearts of all awakened humans. You can think of them as like actual doorways on the earth that connect sacred sites through energy lines and act as portals that allow light to come to this world through their open hearts.

Animals are gridworkers such as these. They clear your energy field, or your aura, if that’s a word you are more comfortable with. They also clear spaces and places.

Animals help us heal emotional trauma, removing blockages of all that which does not serve us. They are protectors not only of our planet but also of us humans. They have the power to uplift our vibration to a higher frequency 💫 - and in return they ask for nothing but love. So many times we humans as a species have failed them and continue to do so. For those who have animals around have you noticed how they heal you just by being around you after a long day? This is why it has been proven that petting animals reduces stress - it’s therapeutic , hence all the service animals.

Animals are natural healers. They sense and see multidimensionally 💫 they are angels in disguise. How can we serve them better ? How can we give a voice to those who have none ? How can we stand up for all animals so we can begin to give back a fraction of what they do for us. Fortunately there are many humans who stand up each and every day in the name of their best friends of a different species.

Let’s open our heart space to them as much as they do to us humans - we are forgiven every day for all our mistakes in the eyes of our pets, and trust me, we make many mistakes. That is unconditional love.

May all animals on planet Earth be blessed and may we find it in our souls to always be accountable for all our actions. The process of awakening requires that we open our eyes to all that there is, the good and the bad. To acknowledge and be aware so we can change