About Nathalie

My first introduction to yoga was when I was still a young child about nine years old and my aunt, who was a devotee of Gurumayi, took me to a Siddha Yoga Ashram. I remember from a very early age being mesmerized by the entire yogic culture and life style. I voluntarily began attending the Ashram frequently and learning meditation and chanting from a very early age. At the time I was very dedicated to my ballet studies and had yet no introduction what so ever to asana practice.

I continued with Siddha Yoga tradition until a few years later in my early teens when a friend from the Ashram took me to the Hare Krishna Temple. It was there that I spent many early mornings the next several years doing puja, chanting japa, eating prasadam and studying the Bhagavad Gita.

In the meanwhile I continued pursuing dance studies. After graduating from high school I decided to pursue dance professionally. While in Europe I danced for Euro Disney’s performing company and attended a local professional dance school in Paris. I was awarded a scholarship in performing arts in the United States for Southeastern Louisiana University. I joined their dance company and pursued another degree in Journalism and Kinesiology.

It was around my first year in College that I came across ashtanga yoga. I learned the primary series and was very dedicated to this practice from the beginning. During the next few years I did my yoga asana practice almost daily as well as many hours of dance practice. I relied on the ashtanga series for company warm ups before performances at theaters and to keep my focus steady and keen during College classes. Suddenly it all made sense to me;  all the years of Bhakti Yoga combined with my dedication and love for movement and body work came together in this powerful vinyasa yoga practice. The feeling was truly empowering and transformational. It all became very clear to me. From there and on I decided I wanted to share the gift of yoga and help people transform their lives through this amazing, powerful yoga practice, as it has and it continues to do so in my life.