✨ How + Why to Detox with Infrared Saunas ✨

✨ Detoxing with Infrared Saunas ✨

ANCIENT SAUNA PRACTICE: The usage of hot rooms like saunas dates back hundreds of years. Recently a bath house in Scotland that dates back to 2000 B.C. was discovered by archaeologists. Around that same time period, the Mayans and other Mesoamerican civilizations were doing something similar to cleanse their bodies after battle or other intense activities. They would create hot baths made of domes of volcanic rock, which they would then warm with fire to create a hot, dry heat inside - remind you of a modern day infrared sauna? In Finland, the "sauna" practice also dates back many years, with the first saunas containing stones which they heated to high temperatures before throwing water on them in order to generate steam.

INFRARED: What is infrared, exactly? Infrared light is a type of electromagnetic radiation, often called radiant energy as it is the same energy that comes from the sun and which creates heat in our bodies. It was first discovered in 1800 by a British astronomer and it is invisible to our eyes, but we can feel its heat. All objects emit some level of infrared radiation, but the two most obvious ones are the sun and fire. Household appliances like toasters and lamps use Infrared radiation to create + transmit heat!

The Japanese were the first to incorporate Infrared energy into their saunas, around 1965. Today, these saunas are popular worldwide because they activate the sympathetic nervous system, the hypothalamic-adrenal-pituitary-hypothalamic axis and the immune system. Studies have shown how infrared's deep penetration into the skin (up to 1.5 inches) causes deep heating in the muscles & internal organs. In response, the body increases heart rate which increases circulation and blood flow to muscles, joints and connective tissues. This helps with healing and reduces pain in injuries, arthritis, muscle spasms, as well as with:

  • hypertension

  • joint and musculoskeletal pain

  • cardiovascular conditioning

  • detoxification after environmental exposure

  • & various skin conditions

Studies have shown that infrared saunas, when used effectively, help aid the recovery of patients who suffer from with:

  • fibromyalgia

  • heavy metal poisoning

  • diabetic neuropathy

  • cancer

  • arthritis

  • lyme disease

Although the sauna itself is not a magic solution, it is definitely a crucial part of the healing process. In fact, many doctors buy infrared saunas to be used as part of treatment plans for their patients.

DETOXING: The modern world is full of environmental toxins, with an estimated 80,000 toxic chemicals used regularly in the United States alone! We detox mostly through the liver, kidneys, skin, respiratory system, gastrointestinal system and urinary tract, and we do it through respiration, urination, defecation and perspiration. Sweating is an important excretion of the body that promotes the exit of these toxins such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury; regular sweating in safe sauna practices helps the body detox & promotes healing and other health benefits to regular users.

Have you tried infrared saunas? Let us know about your experience!