🐬 Dolphins are Advanced Beings 🐬

🐬 Dolphins are Advanced Beings 🐬

We've always known that dolphins are intelligent, but more and more research is revealing just how advanced of beings they are. They're more like us than we could have ever expected, and many think they are even more intelligent than mankind.

Dolphins are extraordinarily talkative; they whistle, click, and emit loud packets of sound (called burst pulses) that serve to communicate, educate their young, and scare off sharks.

They have several sound producing organs which means they are capable of conveying and receiving 20 times the amount of information as we humans can with our hearing. In fact, after decades of study, scientists are still not sure how to translate this language, but we do know that these vocalizations contain meaningful content that these large-brained, social creatures use to communicate.

Until humans arrived on Earth, dolphins were the largest brained, and presumably the most intelligent, creatures on the planet. Relative to their body size, their brains are one of the largest in the animal kingdom; larger than those of chimpanzees.

They also have an extremely well developed system for processing emotions, and it is thought that this is how dolphin communities create such intimate social and emotional bonds. In fact, dolphins have been known to co-operate to solve complex problems or teach each other fun tricks that have no natural useful function. Scientists have even shown that dolphins can recognize themselves in a mirror and learn rudimentary languages outside of their own! They can even mirror humans and point to their own body parts in a mirror.

We should love and protect the energy of these advanced beings that have so much to teach us! Some ways to do so are by avoiding inhumane establishments (which may include zoos, circuses, & marine parks) and by spreading the knowledge of the intelligence of these beautiful spirits!