All About Distance Healing


Distance healing is used to describe any kind of energy that is directed or sent across space and time which has a healing effect on the recipient. This is different from in-person healing in that the healer & recipient do not need to be close together in distance in order for the healing to take effect. Distance healing can be done over the phone, for example, or at a special time set aside by healer & energy receiver.

In energy healing and holistic medicine therapies, the healer is working with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the client by accessing their subtle and energy body. This subtle energy body can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

The subtle body is what, we yogis, access each day when we practice.

It includes the chakras, meridians, nadis, the koshas and evergy fields such as aura.


It can be challenging at first to understand how distance healing works due to our perceptions of physical reality - or time & space. It is most easy for us to perceive space as separating physical objects by distance, and that time moves in a linear, forward direction. However, many holistic healers say that time is an "illusion". When we open up our perceptions of how energy moves across our universe we open ourselves up to more ability to experience healing and manifest change.

When energy healers conduct distance healings they move outside of our perception of space time. There are several techniques for doing this but they mostly center arround the healer navigating "space-time" by focusing their awareness from a state of altered perception where they can immediately "transmit" healing energy to the client.

Have you every thought of someone who lives far and that person called you that same day? That is essencially the same principles of distant healing.


Holistic healers & shamans have practiced distance healing for milennia that may not be explainable by modern science. However, recent advancements in the realm of quantum physics align & support the scientific underpinnings for distance healing. Quantum physics shows that in theory, time is fluid and flows both forwards and backwards simultaneously. There is no past and no future, only the present moment. This concept is based on "quantum entanglement"  where scientists showed that two photons created by dividing a single photon into two “twins” act and behave as if they are still one and the same, or as if they had never been separated. Einstein famously called this phenomenon “

spooky action at a distance”

. In other words, if our whole universe was created from and made of the same matter then we're never truly separated, which is how distance healing can work.

Even in modern medicine, we are not sure how prescription drugs work. We have a rough model, but it is not necessarily the truth. Not all models that we use to make sense of our world are sufficient, and we should not completely stop using them, but opening ourselves up to healing models that we don't fully yet understand can be both fun & highly beneficial!

I have been practicing distance healing now for a few years, working on individuals across the Globe, Skype or Zoom or telefone and I have countless successful stories and have witness people's lives change - as much through teaching yoga, as through energy healing.

I feel honored to hold space for transformation.