Incorporating more Plants into your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here & Shanti Yoga Shala invites you to consider incorporating more Plants into your festivities!
Thanksgiving is this week and all of us are pausing to reflect on the abundance of blessings in our lives and give thanks for them. Here at Shanti, we have been reflecting on the gift of life, and it's making us consider putting some extra vegetables on the table this year!
Here are a few reasons to consider swapping all or a few of your dishes for delicious plant-based alternatives!
- It is more friendly to the lives of turkeys and other animals that might apear on your table! Fun fact: Did you know that turkeys were almost the national symbol of pride? They only lost to the bald eagle by one vote in Congress!
- It's more healthy for you! Vegetables have fiber, complex carbohydrates, and tons of vitamins - they are powerhouses of nutrition and feel great in the belly! Plus, they don't carry extra fat & cholesterol.
- It could be safer for you! Turkey is the second most frequent cause of food poisoning in the US (second only to chicken!)
- It can be more budget-friendly! Depending on where and how you shop, vegetables are often a more wallet-friendly bet than meat!
If you're interested in inviting more plants to your table this year, just google "vegetarian Thanksgiving" or "plant based Thanksgiving" to find TONS of recipe inspiration. Below we'll share photos and links from a few of our favorites! (Click the name or photo to find the recipe link)
Yum - what warms you up more in November than a hearty soup!? This version of Velouté de Châtaignes, or creamy chestnut soup, is traditionally made with chicken stock and heavy cream, but this version swaps them out and adds two healing superfoods: turmeric and beta carotene.
Savory, sweet, and colorful, this salad is almost too pretty to eat, but so delicious that you have to. Featuring date-coated baked squash combined with fresh, juicy berries.
Whole Roasted Cauliflower Head
Not only does this whole roasted cauliflower head, rubbed with ginger, tahini, miso paste, and turmeric, look and smell amazing on the dinner table - it's super healthy too. Feeling creative in the kitchen? Try including savory naked gravy as a dip!
Naked dressing / stuffing with sprouted bread & chickpeas
We know that no holiday table is complete without stuffing (or "dressing", as we like to say), and there's no reason that a plant-based Thanksgiving should skip it. Try this easy and hearty recipe made from sprouted bread, chickpeas, and plenty of herbs!
Feel free to share your other favorite plant-based recipes with us so we can share them on our Instagram!