Powerful Solar Eclipse 8/21

Hello! How is everyone doing in the middle of two powerful eclipses and in Mercury retrograde? I am curious on how is your energy level? I have noticed within our community, people are feeling more tired! Eclipse season is always a time to reset. Things are shifting quickly. A bigger door, pathway will open for you and humanity. Just know energetically there is a lot happening right now. You are not alone. Remember this is a time for grounding, meditating, doing yoga, any clearing activities, go in nature.... Can you take things easy and not make any huge changes or decisions right now? Just let things be - easier said than done, right? Know that eclipses tend to amplify energy and you are in the middle of two! Right now gather your intentions and prepare to plant seeds for big manifestation on August 21rst when we come into the second and solar eclipse of this month. It will be a great time to visualize all our dreams and set them forth for manifestation. In the meanwhile whatever needs to come up , will come up! Because the time to cleanse and let go of all which doesn't serve us any longer is now. Relationships that are ready to be released - will be amplified in this moment - let it go! Even when we talk about certain things we feed it energy. Work on yourself, know there is a collective consciousness, take a bubble bath :) with salts and practice some "Earthing" / hang in there and be in nature and sun. This too shall pass. Mercury retrogrades until Sept 5th / but after 8/21 things will begin to clear up. I love Kaypacha's affirmation for this month ! - "When driving through a Thunderstorm, I take my foot of the gas and I go with caution .... checking out my options : ... moving slowly as I let it pass." Namaste Lovely Beings! Wishing you love and light and remember after the storm there is a rainbow :) <3Tomorrow I will be recording a Podcast on these times and I look forward to @lovebasedmedicine and I "Eclipse Workshop" @rawrepublicjuice join us there this month or in September - luv luv #solareclipse #eclipseseason #love #collectiveconsciousness💫 #globalawareness #earthing #shumannresonance #moonrituals #shantipeaceproject #lifeonearthpodcast