The Fourth Limb – Breath – Our Life Force.

The bridge between our physical existence, our soul and etheric body.

Breath Is Healing, Breath Is Light.

Awaken Your Body Cell’s Through Breath and Raise The Vibration. In pranayama practices we work on removing the restrictions of the prana. We create freedom through breath. The various breathing techniques train us to focus, to come back and stay in the present moment in light and awareness with the good and the bad – it creates a flow, a rhythm for life itself, allowing us to connect with the deeper aspects of our humanity and natural flow of life. In pranayama practices we travel deep into the core of our being and the many levels of existence. Through the breath we start to decondition the mind, the emotional and physical body. Through breath darkness comes to light – we remove the obstacles shadowing our path and we re-connect to light. When we exhale we let go, we cleanse – rejuvenate. With the inhalations we connect to source. Each and every day there is an opportunity for re-birth. What an honor it is to be alive ! What a privilege of a life time the gift of breath! May we cherish it each day for it’s magnificent jewel.