Top Five Tips to Feeling Good


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Five Top Tips To Feeling Good!

1 - 

Eat Healthy & Clean 

Eating is so important. In my 


 Zoom based

Life Coaching Program 

Radiant Self - I teach intuitive eating and here principle number one for 

Intuitive Eating 

Reject the diet mentality

For years we’ve chased one diet to the next, letting the latest fad dictate what, how much, and when to eat. This rigid lifestyle of restriction and deprivation can lead to a toxic relationship with food. The first step of intuitive eating is to make a commitment to trust your gut when it comes to food choices.


Get Sun Light 

The sun produces Vitamin D which most of us are deficient.

Sunshine is vitamin.

Vitamin D is essencial to protect our system against inflamation.

Many of us suffer from cronic inflamation due to toxicity in our environment and processed foods.

There are so many benefits to sun exposure - I invite you to research of join me in 


 online coaching program where we explore the many aspects of the sun and 

Living Life In Light

 - which by the way is the tittle of my new book! About to release very soon, stay tunned.


Move Your Body ! Excersice !

Movement is so important in our life.

Human beings are not designed to stay static.

We need flow in our body in order to improove circulation, mood, total wellbeing, oxygen, health body, mind and spirit. I created a basic Online Yoga Course with over twenty short videos for yoga asana / poses with thorough instructions teaching the fundamentals of yoga. This 

Online Course

 is great for all yoga enthusiasts from beginers to yoga teachers and you can access it from your phone directly with the Udemy App - it includes a 


 of one long class, an audio file and 

lot's of tips

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Surround Yourself With Uplifting People

It is said you are the average of the five people you most surround yourself with. Wether you believe this or not is a personal opinion, but we all know that the company we keep influences our energy field.

People you hang out with has an effect in your life, so choose wisely. With that said we cannot choose our family. Our relationships with family are assignements with maximum growth opportunity. Abuse comes in many ways, shapes and forms. If you are involved in a toxic relationship wether is a family member, lover, friend or co-worker please do yourself a favor and remove yourself away from those relationships.

Abuse Is Unnacceptable.

Need an 

Energy Healing Session

? I am here to assist you.

In my 

Transformational Healing Sessions 

we hold space for you to cut cords from all those who does not serve you any longer, letting go of toxic energy and together we call back your blueprint energy - high frequencies - which is your birth right.

Book a Distant Healing Session

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Focus And Prioritize 

In order for us to achieve all our goals, hopes and dreams we need to trust ourselves and prioritize what is most impotant to us.

There are many apps out there which help you create lists so you can stay motivated and organized and that is all great, however I am a firm believer of the good old notebook / notepad and a pen. There is something about writing down what needs to be done on a paper that really motivates me. Perhaps is the act of writing or simply staring at a piece of paper right in front of our eyes.

Find an appropriate balance between discipline and living spontaneously following your heart. One of my favorite things about yoga practice on the mat is that it teaches us to focus, through the breath and gaze we find focus and steadiness in our practice, which than translates into focus and steadiness off the mat and into our lives.