Transformational Healing Session


Transformational Healing

Via zoom, skype or phone

$120 one hour

$206 one and a half hour

See below our information for many other services available, unless specified service prices remain the same as above.

To book a healing session please fill out the form below and share with Nathalie your intention for this clearing and healing and purpose for the session.

Reiki For Animals  (energy healing)  –

Chakra Clearing With Crystal Therapy  (energy healing session)

House Clearing / Home Blessings

  • $400 (On location per special request)

New Home Blessing

  • $400   – in person on locations – reiki

Relationship Clearing

Family Blessing

Birth Blessing

  • $400 – in person with a group or individual ceremony

  • $120 – via phone one hour




Passing Transition Blessing Ritual

sun rituals

Moon Rituals

Tea Ceremony / Meditation

  • two and a half hours $300

  • (up to three people – additional charge for larger groups) – We use ceremonial grade living teas – very special – trees are hundred or thousand years old. Our tea is high vibrational and comes to me from the highly recommended sources, imported from Asia.

Personal Blessings

  • Offers a way to reconnect with ourselves, giving us a chance to stop and center ourselves. To step back and gain perspective on the world around us. Personal blessings and rituals are individualized for your own needs and wishes.

Cycles of the year blessings and rituals

  • Fall Equinox 09/21 Purification Ritual. Transitioning from warm gentle summer to preparing for winter.

  • Halloween – 01/31 A time of purification and renewals. A time to remember our ancestors.

  • Yule/ Winter Solstice – 12/01 Celebrating family, the holidays, and our circle

  • Imbolic – 02/02 Represents hope and trust – it is about keeping hope going when everything seems dead and yet underneath the earth, life is stirring.

  • Spring Equinox – 03/21 A time to welcome new life. New energies.

  • Beltane – 05/01 Sexuality, Everyday and Freedom

  • Summer Solstice – 06/21 celebrating nature, it’s about learning your place in the world and healing the larger communities.

  • Lammas – 08/01 We give thanks for all we have enjoyed in our planet which sustains us. Lammas is the Saxon name that comes from “Loafmas” (the first loaf of the harvest).

Looking For Love Ritual

Psychic Protection Clearing Ritual

All Rituals and private yoga sessions may have up to three people attend the session, an extra $20 per person will be added for groups of four people and more.

*Except birth blessings which can be a bigger group.




Private One Hour Yoga Session $200

One and a half hour yoga session $180

Yoga Nidra 

SmartFLOW Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga 

Vinyasa Yoga

Restorative Yoga 

Nathalie’s Life Coaching sessions covers these topics & much more:

  • practical tools for daily life

  • living an abundant life

  • how to enhance your thought patterns, with energy clearing and healing techniques

  • yoga off the mat

  • manifestation & mindfulness

  • replacing negative thought patterns with positive ones

  • think with your heart & create your own reality

  • energy healing

  • meditations

  • healing techniques

  • food as medicine

  • healing our relationship with food

  • high vibrational meals

  • cycles of nature

  • aging gracefully

  • forest bathing

  • ceremonies & rituals

  • morning rituals

  • effective tools for living a high vibrational life



Life Coaching Session With Nathalie Croix


Join my Coaching Program LIGHT CODE 

There are three different levels in this program.


I have been teaching yoga for over twenty years, having trained and coached thousands of yogis from around the Globe

Our School Shanti Yoga, is registered and recognized Internationally with Yoga Alliance 200 Hour & 300 Hour Level + YACEP Continuing Education

As well as I am a certified energy healer and an avid student of A Course In Miracles

Upon seeing so many people’s lives transform through our programs – LIGHT CODE was developed – this program is for any individual who wants to make a difference in our beloved Planet Earth – this program is for anyone who is ready to step into the next level of this unique life.

Together we explore so many techniques and practices for a more balanced, more authentic life.

LIGHT CODE gives you a tool box of infinite possibilities –

Are You Ready To Step Up?

All meeting are done online.

LIGHT CODE is a journey of self exploration and radical acceptance – a commitment to the Self – to Soul evolution. It requires bravery to face your fears. To look at the light & the shadows. To know that we, have a responsibility to ourselves, our communities & our beloved Planet. With every dollar we get to vote.

It’s a powerful thing to know how much we get to contribute each day to life. LIGHT CODE program focuses not only in understanding ourselves better but also enhancing the life of every being we come across, especially those who are closest to us.

Every choice we make brings us closer to the light or further from the light.

As Gandhi’s famous say “Be The Change You Want To See In The World”. As with everything in life what you get out of a yoga training is what you put into it. “If You Want To Make The World A Better Place, Take A Look At Yourself & Make A Change “.

Dive in all you do. Commit. Grow.

Growth is not always easy, but necessary.

You are the light.

To all my tribe members out there – past, present, future – we are multidimensional Spiritual beings, having a human experience.

Thank You – for stepping into the Fire & for trusting me as your guide.

I see the light in you & I know that because of you the world is a better place.

It’s quite the honor we get to journey together.

Your Soul Shines Bright

Nathalie Croix

Love And Light!