Vinyasa Flow Yoga For Beginners

This is an intro to “flow” or “vinyasa” yoga course. Vinyasa means movement linked to breath.

Students will learn a basic and yet effective yoga sequence with classical yoga postures.

Asana means posture or pose.

I broke the course into small sections with short videos – so you can pick and choose which sections you like to do each day and also for easier learning. Students may mix and match the sequence to suit their own individual needs. The practice will honor where you are each day.

At the end of the course, you will find a full one hour class where you can join us for the entire practice – which I recommend you do on days you can dedicate a full hour for yoga.

Before you begin any new form of physical exercise always consult your Doctor and be sure this yoga style is right for you.

Yoga teaches us that there is no separation we are all one. We know that energy cannot be destroyed but it can be transformed. Vinyasa flow yoga encourages the flow of “prana” “life force” through the breath and through the practice of movement linked to breath – like a moving meditation – we learn to release, to let go, of that which no longer serves us. The practice teaches us to create space for the new – moving away any stagnation. Transforming us into a higher version of ourselves for optimal health and happiness.

This is a practice of love and radical acceptance.


I found it really easy to connect to the teacher during the course. She was totally approachable and you could feel that she was friendly and kind through her way of speaking! I also loved that the content went directly to the point; everything that Nathalie says has a purpose so you know it’s the best use of your time. It is clear she is a teacher with years of experience. I am looking forward to continuing my yoga practice with this foundational knowledge! It was a great deal for the amount of info there is.
— Sonya Soz
As a teacher, I’m always looking for ways to better improve the way that I’m teaching, and Nathalie’s course was perfect for breaking things down. It would be a wonderful course for both new beginners and people wanting to deepen their practice at all levels. I highly recommend it!
— Holly Hobbs
This is an excellent course! The course lays out practically everything that a beginner yogi needs to know in a simple and easy to understand way. Nathalie Croix is a great teacher who has a vast amount of knowledge about the practice of yoga and her energy and passion is unparalleled. I recommend this as the perfect course for any beginner and I also believe that even a more advanced yoga practitioner could still learn from Nathalie’s teaching by going back to the basics.
— Matthew Kives

You Will Get

  • Life Time Access

  • Jedi Knowledge

  • Learn The Fundamentals Of Flow / Vinyasa Yoga

  • Create A Home Practice

  • Over Twenty Instructional Videos

  • A Full One Hour Class

  • Meditation Audio

  • Lot’s Of Fundamental Yoga Tips

  • Break Down The Practice To Suit Your Needs

  • Everything Is Included

Course Benefits

  • Fundamental Principles of Tadasana

  • How To Use Props

  • How to practice Sun-Salutation A

  • How to practice Sun-Salutation B

  • Standing Poses

  • Transitions

  • Modifications

  • Backbends

  • Restorative Backbend

  • Seated Postures

  • Savasana

  • Increase Strength

  • Increase Flexibility

  • Whole Body System

  • Proper Principles Of Vinyasa Flow

  • Yogi Breathing

  • Equanimity

  • Special Tips For Beginners


21 Days Yoga Challenge / Self Practice

Getting started with a daily practice may seem intimidating, but with Nathalie’s expert guidance you’ll be inspired to live your yoga on and off the mat. 

This is a 21 days challenge to inspire us to get on our yoga mats daily, well six days a week. I created a short 20/30 minutes, well rounded, effective and smart yoga sequence for you to practice each day.

Nike has a famous say I love – “Just Do It”.

This is the key – Practice

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

We all have busy lives trying to balance today’s world and the rat race.

My proposition to you is that we practice together our yoga sequence which I created for you for this particular project and see how we feel along the way and after the 21 days are over.


Shanti Yoga Shala was the first place that exposed me so deeply to the true practice of yoga. I carry that space in my heart every day and will always be grateful for the transformation that took place there and the loving energy of my teacher Nathalie. Nathalie led us through such a spiritual experience every day we met for training, we cried, laughed, learned and created a strong community. Shanti’s RYT200 training inspired me to keep studying and teaching Yoga as my full-time job, and Nathalie guided me towards my next steps after my graduation to keep pursuing my dreams and passions. I know I will always have a home in Shanti Yoga Shala and forever thankful for the doors Nathalie and the studio opened up for me!
— Beatriz Bonnin
This is an amazing course for anyone who has a busy lifestyle or is trying to jump start their practice again. This course motivated me to get on my yoga mat each day and be consistent with my yoga practice. Nathalie gives lot’s of modifications, so I was able to take each day the practice on my own timing. I love the cheat sheets and the guided meditation. I also found the smoothies to be delicious and it inspired me to make healthier choices in my life!
— Patricia Miller

The Rules:

  • Practice six days a week, taking one day off.

  • Practice daily by latest mid-afternoon, let’s say 3 pm.

  • Practice the sequence I created for you for this challenge which is about 25 to 32 minutes give and take, with the exception if you go to a yoga studio than that of course counts as practice.

  • Eat healthy foods, organics, high alkaline content/plant foods – if you need inspiration for healthy eating I have done great amounts of research throughout my life –

  • Book a “life coach session” with Nathalie. Sessions are done via Skype or Zoom.

  • To book please email

  • Practice Meditation minimum five minutes a day. Give yourself a goal, it can be five minutes a day or 10, 15 or 20, but be sure to make it a realistic goal.

The idea of this challenge is to create a simple practice so we can do it and notice all of the shifts and changes.

Wishing you well on this journey of yoga on and off the mat!

Much Love,


You Will Get

  • One 32-minute instructional video with a well-rounded yoga sequence

  • One 32-minute audio class

  • Three “Cheat Sheets” with variations of your yoga sequence

  • Stick Figures Sheet

  • Guided Audio Meditation

  • Life Time Access

  • Jedi Knowledge

  • Happy & Healthy Practice

Bonus! Two Smoothie Recipes

  • The Mean Green Smoothie

  • Fruity Sunrise Smoothie

Course Benefits

  • Create a home practice

  • Daily Meditation

  • Consistent practice

  • Variations for yoga sequencing

  • As many modifications as you need

  • Yoga challenge,

  • Yoga at home,

  • Daily yoga practice

  • Jump start your yoga practice

  • Vinyasa yoga

  • Flow yoga

  • Many tips on how to inspire your yoga on and off the mat