🚿⁣ Mindful Showering 🚿⁣

🚿⁣ Mindful Showering 🚿⁣

☀️This is part of Nathalie's #lightcode program ☀️

Your morning shower is a perfect time to practice mindfulness, connect with yourself, and be completely present in the moment. There are so many sensations that you can fully enjoy just as they occur, and you're alone and away from the normal distractions of your life - like that addictive cell phone. ⁣

Start your mindful shower practice by leaving your electronics out of the bathroom so that you don't hear them going off or get distracted by the screen.

Then, prepare everything you'll need carefully and deliberately, like your towel and hairbrush. Think about how you are about to cleanse both body + mind.

We also suggest trying a salt scrub, for days that we can't take a salt bath to clear and cleanse; salt is amazing for reducing inflammation and replenishing tired skin!

💧 As you step into the shower, express gratefulness that you have hot, running water, while appreciating how nice it feels!⁣

💧 Listen to and enjoy the melody of the pattering sound of the water hitting the tile⁣

💧 As you wash your hair and body, inhale deeply the aromas of the products you're using and admire their texture and composition⁣

💧When washing your hair, give your scalp, ears and neck a little massage ⁣

💧 Notice where your thoughts tend to lead you and gently call them back to being present in the moment⁣

💧 Linger a moment in the final rinse, feeling cleansed and refreshed⁣

💧 When you step out, take your time drying yourself with care and attention⁣

We hope this inspires you to take a mindful shower the next time you step in, and don't forget to try some salt scrubs! 😍