AHIMSA - Patanjali's eight limbs of yoga


AHIMSA - In Patanjali's eight limbs of yoga - The first limb : The Yamas invited us to take a look at ourselves first and foremost. To awake the divine within. Ahimsa the first of the five Yamas means non-violence / non-harming. All of the other yamas, niyamas and six other limbs are based and built upon ahimsa. So ahimsa always comes first from the physical, to the emotional and the mental - as a yogi we are asked to approach each and every situation with a loving heart. The heart of yoga teaches we are all equal , we are one. There is no separation. When we see another suffer we extend our hands. We move through this life in awareness and presence of mind, of body and spirit. Taking care of our Planet each day. Making choices which support our chosen path of yoga on and off the mat. It is often said that as we do one thing , we do everything. Gandhi was a great example of compassion , empathy and non harming. Embrace love. Learn to love deeply. Show respect to all life on Earth. Reach when others withdrawal. When you look around and everything you see is love, when you see yourself in everything and all beings violence won't stand a chance- it disappears. Re-evaluate your choices in this big life opportunity and see in what ways you are contributing to violence in this world ? Directly or indirectly. Is anyone or any being being harmed because of your existence? if so Patanjali asks us to re-evaluate and as yogis we have the responsibility to raise above and learn from our mistakes - to use this life as a canvas for your masterpiece. May we all be inspired by Ahimsa and all the eight limbs of this magnificent practice #YOGA may we live in light ✨ may we live in love. These next weeks I will explore the eight limbs of yoga - I hope you can join me on the path of light ✨✨ unfolding each limb through the mystery of life as is ... #patanjali #ahimsa #yoga #planetearth #plants #donoharm #loveallanimals #loveall #practice #forgive 🙏🏼☀️💛 #planetearth #shantipeaceproject