SATYA - Truth- Is the second Yama of the eight limbs. Truth is the courage to be who you are without harming anyone along the way - for satya builds upon ahimsa. Truth is the courage to embrace the natural flow of life and evolution without being caught up in rigidity. We all know to trust people not by what they say but by what they do. Truth challenges us to walk your talk and teach by example. To live in truth requires us to go inside and take an inventory of who and what we are on a continuous basis. Human beings have both the need to belong in groups and a need to expand and grow. How can we honor ourselves and yet live in harmony within our groups. It requires integrity at the center of our hearts 💚 Truth rarely seems to ask the easier choice of us and yet it is so necessary on the spiritual path. Swami Satyananda says " When a man is under tension, his behavior is influenced; and when he relaxes, he becomes natural. He knows reality, the truth. Than he also knows how to behave, because the knowledge of truth is necessary for right behavior. And knowledge of truth only comes when you are free of tension." Yoga is a practice we do everyday and like Maya Angelou said - Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. #Satya #eightlimbs #yoga #roots #patanjali #truth #loveall #yogaoffthemat #shantipeaceproject * first Yama on previous post #yamas 📸 credit @jcstrickler3