The fourth Yama Brahmacharya ✨ Known as non excess and celibacy. Teaches us how to contain and create healthy boundaries. Can you see God in everything, as well as in yourself ? Wether you decide to live a monastic life or not, this Yama invites us to live a life of highly ethical sexual practices. Following the first three Yamas in brahmacharya we do no harm to others through our relationships or to our own Self. Knowing that at the core of each being is Atman ~ divine essence. When we harm another through our actions we harm ourselves. Sexuality can be used as a sacred holy entity or it can be a weapon of destruction. Here we learn to respect ourselves and know how to not live in excess, we learn to not act from our impulses. To see our partnerships as sacred. We cherish our body temples and our Souls and through it the act of intimacy becomes Heaven on Earth. Remember just because someone desires you, it does not mean that they value you. Act from a place of holiness and not indulgence. This is the spiritual path : it ask us to embark on the path of light and with God in all areas of our life. #bramacharya #eightlimbs #yoga #philosophy #walkingwithgod #thepathoflight #peace #love #shantipeaceproject