ASTEYA - Non Stealing - is the third Yama of the eight limbs. In a very blunt sense yes do not steal, but like many aspects of yoga there are deeper underlying meanings. Are you stealing someone else's light by always being the one to speak ? Can we practice the art of listening and give our loved ones the space to be who they want to be. Can we allow other people to have their own experiences without always imposing our opinions on others, which than by doing so aren't we stealing from their own journeys of Self discovery and personal growth. On the same sense can we look at others for inspiration and yet come up with our own ways and ideas 💡 And how are we stealing time ? Are we always rushing through life ? If so take a moment to pause and smell the flowers. ASTEYA asks us to be original in the most simple sense and like all else in yoga start everything from a place of integrity. Even the things we own in this life time must be ultimately seen as impermanent like all else. As Richard Freeman says " When practicing ASTEYA we must see things as part of an interconnected whole, and with that insight, we can release everything to be just as it is so that all may flow in its natural and true way " #ashtangayogaeightlimbs