Full Moon In Capricorn! Hold Your Horses


Happy Full Moon Earthlings! In this Capricorn & Cancer Full Moon 💥💥You are more in touch with your feelings and so are many around you. Relationships can be intense during this time and so can be the power of manifesting your dreams. What a wonderful thing when our hearts beats! For what other thing makes us feel more alive on this Planet? Love & emotions wakes us up ! They can be wonderful. We want to feel! We do not want to feel numb – for that feels empty. With that said during this time hold your horses because chances are they might want to run wild! Feel the feelings and yet remain grounded. Write the letter, email or text and hold on to it for a week or two. Be patient with your loved ones, partners & family. Remember they too are here to learn. This capricorn full moon invites us to go inside and believe in ourselves. Follow your dreams! This moon promises to aid us in the steps we take – take action in what you believe to be true. You take one step towards your goal and this full moon will take two more steps in the same direction to manifest your dreams and visions. Yet, do not forget to remain grounded as you move forward. Practice patience towards yourself and others. Do not hurt anyone along the way to your dreams. They too have dreams and you may just be the biggest part of theirs. So be kind and be gentle. Allow this full moon energy to guide you to your mountain top and don’t ever forget the ones you love. During this time you are going to be even more blessed in relationships. If you find the partner you are looking for it will give you emotional freedom as a result. Therefore that frees you up to now focus on other things in your life.  Join Us for a powerful eclipse series moon ritual workshop @rawrepublicjuice with @lovebasedmedicine & I next Wed 🌕 All Levels Welcome ☀️ To sign up email info@rawrepublicjuice.com or call 504-324-8234 | #WeAreBack  #manifestation #yoga #acupuncture #meditation #shifting #energy #letgo #createspace #love #equilibrium #balance #neworleans #workshops #moonrituals #capricornfullmoon  #powerful #fullmoon