Happy Cancer New Moon In Summer Solstice Season Earthlings!

Happy Cancer New Moon In Summer Solstice Season Earthlings!cancermoonDivine Beings Of Light!

This new moon is incredibly magical, happening post Summer Solstice - the days are longer now. Here we celebrate The Sun. This is the time of the year when Shakespeare wrote Midnight Summer Dreams - one of my favorite pieces. In this new Summer Solstice cycle we celebrate the light within. The sun represents our inner light, happiness, source and love. This new moon is in Cancer - the element is water.
We are invited to connect with our deep emotions, feelings and spirituality. In yogic context - we connect with the third kosha - the Manomaya Kosha - we dive into our emotional body. Everything is vibration. If we duel on our emotions and get attached to the drama, we risk clogging your energy pools - the chakras.
Water flows, allowing energy to be continuous. Cleansing our chakras is as essential as taking a bath. Not holding on too tight to anything which no longer serves us and yet this new moon in Cancer also invites us to connect to our emotions - not shy away from them and acknowledge them as a part of who we are - at least in this present moment - feel the feelings and then continue to take deep breaths, as water flow through rivers and oceans allow tears to flow through you. Tears of triumph cleansing your Soul and awakening your Spirit to a New Earth, a new life. Every day is a gift. Life is a gift.
Embrace the new cycle with this new moon and allow your entire being to bathe in waters. The moon affects the ocean tides. We humans, are 60% plus made of water ... water is changeable, it reflects our intentions and brings forth our creativity.
This new moon invites us to stay connected to the currents of our inner beings - the cycles, laws of karma ( action and reaction) - trusting that everything has it's natural flow. There is no coincidence as to why you are here Divine being, agent of light, the path unfolds...As we surrender to the moon and it's many cycles - we remember there are many moons yet to come. The Earth keeps on spinning - transforming our darkest fears into tears of sorrow, love, joy and gratitude. After all we are miracles - we have been given a change to be here right now, to transform not only individually but also collectively. This is a pivot time on Planet Earth - your contribution is our glory.
The river continues to flow to unclog necessary tensions and feelings until the water reaches a state of purity. The bliss body.
By aligning with this new moon it washes away all of our insecurities but not by turning away from what it, but by staying in the moment with it's truth and without any resistance or indulging - we simply accept, knowledge and forgive.
Bathing in the new moon light we surrender. We open the channels for new life - in light and in love.
Present. Aware :  We Welcome New Beginnings !
Affirmations can be so powerful - here is one for you today:
" As I allow the rays of light from my inner sun to shine through me - I am open to give and receive in equanimity. I connect with my original light within - I bathe in the glory of a thousand suns - I feel blessed and abundant and growing in this Divine light - I exist in it's Highest form which is LOVE."