Protect Your Energy From Toxic Relationships

Have you ever had a toxic person in your life? The word may sound harsh, but let's break down the meaning.
Have you ever felt any of the following about anyone?
  • that being around them depletes your energy?
  • that you downplay your joys and successes because you fear their jealousy or criticism?
  • that you agree with them because sometimes it's easier than disagreeing and possibly triggering an argument?
  • that thinking of seeing them makes you feel sad or guilty, but you see them anyways?
  • that they have an overall negative outlook on life that they want you to adhere to as well?
This can happen with anyone, whether it be a parent, friend, co-worker, lover, or family member. We have to realize that if we continue to hold ourselves victims to these relationships they will always deplete us of our own energy, and may result in a cycle of creating more negative energy.
What are some boundaries you can set for potentially toxic relationships?
  • The first step is always to breathe and make sure that you are not blaming yourself. It is not your role to change them. Recognize that you can’t always help everyone else, but you can help yourself.
  • The second step is to start to protect your energy:
  • If you know that being with this person drains you, try doing a meditation before you see them
  • Consider reducing or limiting the amount of time you spend with them. Make sure that you still have time and energy for the things that bring you joy!
  • Establish boundaries for when you see them. If you realize what makes you uncomfortable, tell them honestly.
  • Ground yourself. Get on your yoga mat and do deep stretches to help heal emotional pain. Breathe, wish them well, and know that you are taking care of yourself.
  • Use the extra or saved time to replenish your energy levels and vibration. You and this person will likely become close again, but for now you can start to re-fill that space that you've just made in your life!
Remember, not making space for a toxic person in your life doesn't have to mean cutting them out completely. You can always create space / distance instead of separation; like a fire, you can simply stop feeding the flames. Honor yourself and your own light!
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