SANTOSHA - the second Niyama - Contentment and being grateful for who we are and what we have. πŸŒˆβ˜€οΈ" Satisfaction, Satisfaction'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try 🎢 🎸 I can't get no, I can't get no... Satisfaction,Satisfaction'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try...I can't get no, I can't get no I can't get no, oh no no no !Hey hey hey, that's what I say! - Rolling Stones 🎼🎬 Alright we've all been there. Santosha teaches and asks us can you be happy with what we have and not participate in the chit chatter of our minds ... I'll be happy when .... or I'll be happy when ... How about now ? Happiness is a decision we should make. The time for yoga is now. The time to live your life is now. The time to love is now β™₯️ In God's Universe nothing is lacking. You are enough as you are right now. If we do not fill our house with light, darkness will be there. Stop complicating things or making excuses for not living your one happy life now. There is only one of you. Have gratitude for those you love who are with you here- right now. Most of us have made mistakes in life , perhaps we let someone we love go ? Perhaps we haven't expressed our loved to the ones we cherish ? Where is the gratitude? We are so blessed to live in this body temple. And yet Santosha or 'contentment' doesn't mean idly sitting back and relinquishing the need to do anything. It simply means accepting and appreciating what we have and what we are already, and moving forwards from there. The next Niyama Tapas goes more into that. Today I ask you : Start your day in gratitude, fill your heart with joy and count your blessings πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’›πŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸŽΆ and I will do the same for me ✨✨ You are your most beautiful song, and you are pure magic πŸ’« #santosha #shantipeaceproject #lightworkers #planetearth #gratitude #blessings #onelife #rollingstones #createyourmusic #heart #niyamas #patanjali #eightlimbsofyoga