TAPAS - The third Niyama translates of as heat. Also as discipline, change, tolerance, spiritual effort and transformation. In many places around the world since records of our first existence fire 🔥 has been a symbol in many cultures and tribes of transformation. To this day when we walk in the fire of life and go through whatever it is that burns our souls when we come out on the other side we come out stronger. But the fire is not always comfortable. In discomfort there is growth. It requires discipline. The word discipline comes from the word disciple. It is that thing which moves us deep inside, the fire within that wants to sparkle, that gets us off the couch and invites us to practice ! Wether is training for a marathon, getting on your yoga mats, joining a yoga training, sitting in meditation or any activity which we know it's for our better good : Tapas tells us "Just Do It" much like the Nike commercial. So today I ask you what is it that's holding you back ? It's time to raise above and move forward into and through the fire. Surrender to the discomfort and know that transformation exists on the other side. More often than not we come out as better people. We choose to forsake momentary pleasures for future rewards. When in our lives there are moments of pain, we connect to the fire within and let it burn - never running away but looking at it in the eye and remaining steady - after darkness there is light - in one of the next niyamas - Ishvara Pranidhana we learn to surrender to God, Divine source and know that there is a Higher Power and a bigger plan. One of my favorite sayings is : A crisis is a terrible thing to waste - and as one of my teachers Sri K Pattabhi Jois says "Practice, And All Is Coming " #tapas #patanjali #justdoit #shantipeaceproject #theniyamas #fire #firewithin #transformation #letitburn