Yoga Teacher Training 2018

Dear Yogi,
Great to know you are interested in Teacher Training.
We are so excited to present 2018  200 Hours Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Starting Soon.
This training is a life changing experience and deepening your practice on so many levels.
We focus on yoga on and off the mat. Yoga as a life style for optimal health and balance.
How to make better choices on a daily basis, creating new life habits and transforming into a higher quality of life.
Lead Teacher Trainer : Nathalie Croix
We have a 200 hour and 300 hours training school, Yoga Alliance Registered.
You are required per Yoga Alliance to take the 200Hours training prior to the 300 Hours.
*Tuition is $2750 Early Bird, if paid in full one month prior to the beginning of the training start.
Late Bird $2900
Payment plans are a possibility on an individual basis 
Here is an example of training schedule:
This is a comprehensive well rounded 200 hours professional yoga training
Our curriculum will cover but is not limited to


  • understanding each asana (postures) and it's purpose and how to teach beginners
  • asana benefits and contradictions
  • the art of sequencing - how to sequence a class
  • body alignment
  • how to instruct and set up classes
  • your teaching voice / projection
  • hands on adjustments
  • practice teach
  • protecting your body when teaching and adjusting your students
  • modifications of asanas for different body types
  • assessing injuries
  • names of yoga poses in Sanskrit and in English
  • personal tools for transformation
  • choosing positive thought patters
  • positive attitudes and outlooks
  • karma
  • lines of energy
  • the chakras
  • yoga as a energetic cleansing practice
  • anatomy and how it affects each posture in the context of our yoga practice
  • yoga as a life long practice
  • the body for longevity
  • nutrition to enhance our daily lives and yoga
  • how yoga can impact your life in a daily manner
  • history of yoga
  • yoga philosophy
  • yogic life style
  • meditation
  • pranayama (breath)
  • yogic texts such as Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Upanishads
  • the power of chanting
  • student / teacher relationship
  • the important of Sangha (community) and Seva (giving back to the world we live in)
  • the business of yoga
  • pre-natal
  • Other new yoga material will be presented thought the training, as our teachings and learnings are ever evolving.
  • Students will be given a manual at the beginning of training, plus readings and assignments throughout the duration of the program and access to an online training platform

Students also receive a complimentary three months unlimited yoga at Shanti Yoga Shala 

  • We look forward to hearing back from you!
For more information and to register email
Or text 310-435-6098 for a 10 minutes phone consultation with Nathalie
Nathalie Croix and Shanti Yoga Shala Team