Evolution Is A Choice

Evolution is a choice. In 2017 remove the veils of illusion. This new year is important that we see things for what they really are. Raw. True. Honest. Don't sugar coat it. Connect to what is, there is empowerment in that: good and bad. A big practice for the yogi is to accept what is. I am committed, especially now, to see things for what they are. I believe in human evolution. I believe that in the core of our human existence we are good. Despite all our differences there is love. There is a source and a force which drives each and every one of us each day , a sparkle of light and in this light, even if small at times, there is compassion. Despite all our differences may we always have compassion for one another. We are all living different realities all at once. Can we stay in our differences and still see one another in the light of love? When you believe in love, in oneness then there is no other, because the other disappears when you look at someone else's heart and you see yourself. Easier said than done. But that is the challenge. War / hatred / separation is not out there. It begins here with our family, with our loved ones and in our back yards - what is happening out there is a collective manifestation of what is happening here with you and with me. Once we remove the veils, the walls of I am right and you are wrong - vice versa - only then transformation can begin. May we all continue to evolve as a species and as individuals. Otherwise the option is to remain as you are now forever... for birth is a continuation of what has always existed and so is death. We can remain on a low level of vibration, intellect and awareness if that is what we want. Evolution is a choice. It happens every day, at each moment. We all have limited beliefs. There are many different realities, different truths. There is a reason why certain people are put into our lives, especially family. I believe is no coincidence. As one of my teachers says relationships have maxim growth opportunities - we all have a highly individualized curriculum in this life - on a Soul level we are thrilled for the challenges, for the differences. I thank God for this life and for all it's experiences and allowing me the opportunity to grow to transcend. Each day there will be new challenges, new lenses through which to see our world in new colors. People I love who will challenge me, who will teach me compassion and empathy. Ultimately I choose love. May all beings on this planet be safe, happy and free, for God created us all equal - no one is less or more deserving. Life is a gift and a wonderful opportunity. Move in grace and awareness. In this new year I hope you too choose love and welcome this life as is. See the light. Happy New Year!!!! - Nathalie Croix