Yoga poses for pre- and post-skiing + snowboarding!


For some of you that have the opportunity to get to a mountain, it's snow season. And we might love skiing and snowboarding, but these downhill sports can be demanding on the body! Both sports are very similar to yoga in that they demand focus, balance and strength. Also, if you normally don't find yourself operating at such a high altitude, the sport can be even more challenging. Here are some yoga poses we love for both pre- and post- skiing: ⁣


Pre-session:⁣- Sun salutations with long holds to thoroughly stretch out all the muscles + fascia⁣- High and low lunges to open up the hips + quads; try it with Eagle arms too to work the upper back, shoulders and wrists while warming up your sense of balance⁣- Utkatasana or Chair Pose (if you're a skiier this is especially relevant since it's basically the same pose as skiing!)⁣- Supta Baddakonasana or Reclining Butterly Pose to stretch hips + open the lower back⁣


Post-session: ⁣- Reclined Child's Pose, to give your hard-working knees and ankles a break⁣- Downward Facing Dog, to stretch out hamstrings and calves⁣- Standing Forward Fold to stretch the whole legs + hips⁣- Pigeon pose for a deep stretch in the hips⁣⁣Happy skiing or snowboarding!